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About the author and her love of travel

About the author and her love of travel

Travel is my passion, photography my love, Asia my inspiration.

The information in my articles is my personal experience, the result of thorough research and investigation.

I take the photos for my articles with my favourite Nikon D800 (professional DSLR camera).

Iryna Rasko is a photographer, a traveller and the author of articles for AsiaPositive.
Because I'm always on the other side of the lens, I have very few photos of myself.

What more can I add? I have been travelling in Asia for over 8 years, Thailand has been my home for 6 years, my son was born in Thailand.

I love Asia to bits:

  • The unpredictability,
  • the adventure at every turn,
  • for its overwhelming diversity.

I hope I can share my love of travelling in Asia with you, my readers.

Wishing you interesting and memorable travels,

Iryna Rasko

P.S.: My English is certainly far from perfect. And you can blame the British Embassy official who refused to approve my study visa. So instead of immersing myself in a language environment, I buried myself in English self-study books. Admittedly, the effect was not very good. I hope that the usefulness of the information in my articles will make up for my mistakes in English.