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A private airport transfer is undoubtedly the most convenient and fastest way to travel from Istanbul Airport to your hotel. This option is particularly beneficial for travellers with children, large suitcases or those who prioritise comfort and want a hassle-free journey to their hotel in Istanbul. In this article you will discover how easy and quick it is to book and pay for a taxi transfer from the airport to your hotel in Istanbul or the surrounding area.

The easiest way to book a transfer from Istanbul Airports | Turkey | Travels

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Why it is better to take a transfer than an airport taxi

A private taxi transfer offers several advantages over a traditional taxi service at the airport:

  • Fixed Price: Unlike a regular taxi, the price of the transfer is known from the beginning and remains fixed throughout the journey, eliminating any surprises or unexpected fare hikes.

  • Online Payment: With a transfer, you have the option to pay online at the time of booking, saving you the hassle of exchanging currency or finding an ATM at the airport upon arrival.

  • Convenience of Meeting: The transfer driver will greet you in the arrival area, sparing you the time and effort of searching for taxi ranks and waiting in queues.

  • Child Safety: You can easily request a child seat to be included in your transfer order, ensuring the safety and comfort of young passengers throughout the journey.

How to book a taxi transfer from Istanbul Airport to your hotel in Istanbul

When booking a transfer from the airport to my hotel in Istanbul, I typically explore prices and conditions across various websites. Each platform offers its own advantages:

  • kiwitaxi: I find this website particularly convenient with an extremely user-friendly ordering process. It suggests the type and size of car based on the number of passengers and luggage, simplifying the selection process.

  • intui travel: Although the website is not as intuitive, I often find lower prices here. You can choose a specific car and driver, and read reviews before booking. In addition, intui travel accepts many forms of payment, giving you flexibility.

  • getyourguide: Although best known for booking interesting excursions and tours, you may find that also offers a variety of options for airport transfers to Istanbul.

If you do not know which of the Istanbul airports you are flying to, the article All Istanbul Airports will help you.

How much does a transfer from Istanbul Airport to a hotel cost?

The cost of an airport transfer starts from 29 Euros. The price depends on the size of the car and how far the hotel is from the airport.

To quickly find out the cost of a taxi transfer from the airport to your hotel, you can

  • go to the intui travel or kiwitaxi website
  • or enter your destination in the form below, this can be any district in Istanbul or the name of your hotel in Istanbul.

For example, the form below shows the price for a transfer from Istanbul Airport to Sultanahmet district in the centre of Istanbul.

Where is the meeting point for passengers and transfer drivers in the airport

If you have booked a transfer from the airport, a representative of the transfer company or a driver will be waiting for you at the exit of the arrivals area after you have passed through passport and customs control.

The steps you should take from the aircraft to your transfer are as follows

  • Disembark from the aircraft and follow the "Passport Control" signs,
  • Pass through passport control,
  • Collect your baggage,
  • Go through customs,
  • Enter the arrivals area and meet your transfer driver.
Transfer drivers are waiting for their passengers in the Istanbul Airport. | An easy way to book a transfer from Istanbul Airport | Travels with
Transfer drivers are waiting for their passengers in Istanbul Airport.

At first glance, it may seem difficult to find a sign with your name or the name of a transport company in a crowd. But in reality it is quite simple. Just show your transfer voucher to someone in the crowd and they will quickly find the person you need.

How a taxi transfer from the airport works

A representative of the transport company or the driver himself will take you to the exit of the airport building and accompany you to the car you have ordered.

The taxi transfer driver will help you with your luggage and take you to your hotel, choosing the best route.

If you have paid the full cost of the transfer in advance, you shouldn't have to pay any more, and it doesn't matter how long it takes and which route the driver takes. You are free to relax and enjoy Istanbul.

Upon arrival at the hotel, the transfer driver will help you with your luggage and wish you a good rest.

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