The best places to go in Krabi (Thailand)

In Krabi province, in the south of Thailand, tourists are greeted by enormous rock formations which tower over a turquoise sea, fabulously beautiful bays, white sand beaches, and coral reefs with many astonishing inhabitants. There are more than 150 islands and several mainland tourist destinations in Krabi. This article will cover how not to get lost in all this diversity, and how to choose exactly the right destinations to suits your preferences.

Photo walk in Ao Nang (Krabi, Thailand)

Ao Nang (Krabi, Thailand) in photos

Before their first trip to a new place, before booking a hotel or buying tickets, most people want , at the very least, to catch a glimpse of what the destination will look like. And I'm not just talking about hotels, but also about what surrounds them - how the streets, shops, transportation, restaurants and beauty salons look like. I will take a stroll through one of the most popular destinations in Krabi - the tourist town of Ao Nang. Let's see how this place in Thailand, on the coast of the Andaman Sea, can please or surprise tourists.