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Surin Beach is one of the quietest and most beautiful beaches on Phuket with fine sand, stunning sunsets and turquoise water. In this article, you will learn everything you need to know as a tourist about Surin Beach:

  • all the pros and cons of Surin Beach,
  • a review of the best hotels,
  • where to eat and how to get there from the airport,
  • how to book a interesting tours around Phuket.

Surin is the best Phuket beach for a relaxing seaside vacation

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What Surin Beach is like

Surin is a very compact tourist village on the west coast of Phuket Island, 16 km from the international airport. There are only two tourist streets in Surin:

  • the main street (marked as 4025 on maps), which goes from the airport side and continues along the coast to Kamala and Patong beaches,
  • Soi Hat Surin 8 - a small tourist street that runs parallel to Surin Beach, flowing over a small hill to Bang Tao Beach on the north. Most of the Surin hotels, cafes and restaurants, exchange offices and 24-hour shops, taxi stands and moped rentals are located on this street.

Surin Beach is a wide sandy strip about 800 meters long, fringed with coconut palms, casuarinas and small rocks at the edges of the beach.

There are not many hotels in Surin. Therefore, Surin Beach is never as crowded as the more popular and busy beaches of Phuket.

If you like a quiet and relaxing seaside vacation, you will probably love Surin Beach.

Surin Beach (Phuket) - a wide strip of sandy beach | Thailand
Surin Beach (Phuket) - a wide strip of sandy beach

The main advantages of Surin Beach

  • a wide strip of sandy beach - despite the tides, there is always a place to lie on the sand at Surin Beach;
  • clean fine light-yellow sand, which is pleasant to sunbathe or play with children on;
  • trees provide a little shade and some relief from the tropical sun;
  • quiet and not as crowded as the more popular beaches of Phuket (such as Patong or Kata Beach);
  • you can buy food or the most necessary things 24/7 in the universal stores 7/11 and Family Mart, which are several in Surin.
The sand on Surin Beach is clean, slightly yellowish
The sand on Surin Beach is clean, slightly yellowish

Disadvantages of Surin Beach

Surin Beach could be an ideal place in Phuket for a family vacation with children, if not for a number of buts:

  • the only one shower and the only one toilet on the entire beach. They  are located at the southern end of Surin Beach, and they are paid. In case of need, you can walk several hundred meters in the heat for these benefits of civilization or go to your hotel.
  • shade on Surin Beach is provided by coconut palms and casuarinas (horsetail-like trees that many take for conifers). There is little shade from both, and the light sand works as a reflector of sunlight - you can get sunburned on Surin Beach in just a couple of hours.
  • there are waves on Surin Beach almost all year round. The calmest sea is from January to April. In the summer and autumn months, swimming on Surin Beach is dangerous due to high waves and strong rip currents.
  • minimalist cafes with Thai food - this is all that Surin Beach can offer hungry tourists who want to snack without leaving the beach. The only one restaurant by the sea is located at the southern end of the beach.
  • entertainment on Surin Beach - the sea. That's it. There are no discos and clubs in Surin. You will not find any attractions in Surin either. For fun, you should go to the beach bars on the neighbouring Kamala Beach or to the discos of Patong. To see the sights and interesting places of Phuket - you should book a tour, take a taxi or rent a car.
  • the nearest traditional Thai market and Tesco Lotus supermarket are about 4 km from the beach.
In winter and spring, there are only small waves on Surin Beach | Surin - the best beach on Phuket for a relaxing seaside vacation | Travels
In winter and spring, there are only small waves on Surin Beach

Best hotels near Surin beach

Twinpalms Phuket Hotel

Twinpalms Phuket Hotel 5* $$$$

  • Luxurious five-star hotel 5 minutes from the beach,
  • Large green area and spacious rooms, a gym and a beautiful pool, spa.
  • And other attributes of a high-class hotel for quality rest.
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The Surin Phuket

The Surin Phuket 5* $$$

  • Five star hotel with its own beach.
  • It belongs to a small number of Phuket hotels that have their own private beach called Pansea beach.
  • If you are looking for a quiet vacation on a sun lounger on an almost deserted tropical beach, this hotel is for you.
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Norn Talay Surin Beach Phuket

Norn Talay Surin Beach Phuket 4* $$

  • Four star hotel on the beach.
  • The rooftop pool with stunning views of the sea and Surin Beach is the hallmark of this hotel.
  • The path from the hotel to the beach runs over rocks, which can be a problem for families with children.
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The Park Surin Serviced Apartments

The Park Surin Serviced Apartments 4* $$

  • If you want to be able to cook during your holiday in Phuket, this option is just what you need.
  • The Park Surin hotel room is an apartment with a kitchen, where there is everything you need to cook or warm up food.
  • The hotel is located between the Surin beach and Bang Tao beach (6-7 minutes walk from any of them).
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Destination Resorts Phuket Surin Beach

Destination Resorts Phuket Surin Beach 4* $$

  • An excellent four-star hotel for a holiday on Phuket with children.
  • The hotel has a beautiful green area, nice swimming pool, a large children's room, spa and fitness,
  • Surin Beach is a 5 minute walk.
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Where to eat on Surin Beach

On the street that runs parallel to the beach, you can find many cafes and restaurants where you can have a delicious lunch or dinner.

If you want to eat in a restaurant by the sea, walk at the southern end of Surin Beach.

Approximately in the middle of the Surin Beach you can find Thai street food stands. If you want to snack or drink a fruit fresh, then these points are the best place. I especially recommend to try the Thai pancakes and fresh coconut juice.

Tropical fruit juices and cocktails on the Surin Beach | Surin - the best beach on Phuket for a relaxing seaside vacation | Travels
Tropical fruit juices and cocktails on Surin Beach

How to get from Phuket Airport to Surin Beach

To get from Phuket International Airport to Surin Beach, tourists have the following options:

  • the most comfortable and fast way - order an individual transfer from the airport. The driver will meet you at the airport, help with your luggage and take you to your hotel in 30 minutes.
  • taxis at Phuket airport are of two types - with a fixed price and taxis with a meter (metered taxi), which will cost 600 - 700 baht, but you need to make sure that the driver does not wind up the meter,
  • Smart Bus - the most economical way. In theory, it will cost 100 baht per person, but you will have to buy a special payment card for 300 baht. The bus runs on schedule from 6 am to 8 pm. The way from the airport will take about an hour,
  • car rental - suitable for those who want to explore Phuket in their own route. Read more in the article - Phuket Car Rental Guide.

Transportation and tours from Surin Beach

  • songteo (open bus) - cheap public transport in Phuket. It goes from Phuket town (Phuket town) through Surin to the neighbouring Kamala beach every hour from 7 am to 5:30 pm.
  • Smart Bus - bus goes from the airport and along all the beaches south of Surin.
  • a taxi will take you to any point in Phuket or even further, outside the island
  • driver with a car for 8 hours - the opportunity to see the sights of Phuket from your list of preferences,
  • car rental - the freedom to go wherever your heart desires at any time of the day or night,
  • moped rental - the most convenient and inexpensive transport, but also the most dangerous. If you have no experience, I strongly recommend that you refuse this option and do not risk your life.

Tours on Phuket can be booked on GetYourGuide and Klook websites. The undeniable advantage of these websites over street vendors is the presence of reviews from other tourists, after reading which you can decide for yourself whether it is worth paying for a tour or not.

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