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If you are planning a trip to Turkey, make sure to try a cup of Turkish coffee. It's not just a beverage. It's an experience that takes you on a journey through tradition and history. Let's discuss what makes Turkish coffee unique and where you can try it. I will also suggest some coffee-related souvenirs that you can bring back from Turkey.

Unraveling Turkish Coffee: A Must-Try in Turkey


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What is so special about Turkish coffee

Turkish coffee is a traditional method of preparing coffee that originated in Yemen and reached the Ottoman Empire in the 16th century. Its bold taste comes from the unfiltered preparation in a special pot of finely ground coffee.

Here's a brief overview of what makes Turkish coffee special:

Preparation: The coffee is brewed by boiling finely ground coffee beans in a special pot called a cezve or ibrik. The grounds are left in the coffee when served, settling at the bottom of the cup.

A traditional Turkish coffee served in a small cup
Traditional Turkish coffee served in a small cup

Serving: It's traditionally served in a small porcelain cup called a kahve fincanı and is often accompanied by something sweet like a Turkish delight.

Flavour: Turkish coffee can be ordered with varying amounts of sugar, from unsweetened (sade kahve) to very sweet (çok şekerli kahve), and sometimes flavoured with spices like cardamom.

Cultural Significance: Turkish coffee is not just a drink, but a part of Turkish hospitality and culture. It's often enjoyed slowly, savouring the flavour and the moment.

Cup of Turkish coffee with sweets
Cup of Turkish coffee with sweets

Where to try coffee in Turkey

You'll find Turkish coffee everywhere in Turkey. Turkish coffee can be served in expensive restaurants, cosy cafes or bustling markets. Coffee is a staple of Turkish culture and daily life.

Tips: Drinking Turkish coffee is an experience. It's not about rushing. It's about savouring every moment. Sit back, relax and enjoy the aroma and flavour of Turkish coffee.

For the best experience, choose a cafe or restaurant with a stunning view to fully enjoy your Turkish coffee.

It's easy to find out where good Turkish coffee is served. Choose a place where there are lots of locals sitting with small cups of coffee in their hands or on a table. The locals always know where to find the best coffee.

So whether you're wandering the streets of Istanbul or relaxing by the sea in Antalya, don't miss out on Turkish coffee. It's a treat for the senses and a true taste of Turkey.

Enjoying Turkish coffee while admiring Istanbul's Hagia Sophia
Enjoying Turkish coffee while admiring Istanbul's Hagia Sophia

Сoffee-related souvenirs from Turkey

A nice souvenir will be small cups and saucers in which Turkish coffee is served. They are usually decorated with beautiful floral designs. An example of such a cup can be seen in the photo above.

A friendly reminder: Fragile souvenirs, such as coffee cups, should be carried in hand luggage.

An essential element of the Turkish coffee experience is the Turkish coffee pot, also known as a cezve or ibrik.

This small pot with a long handle is a must for the preparation of Turkish coffee. Its design allows precise control over the brewing process, ensuring that every cup of coffee is rich and flavourful.

Turkish coffee pot can be bought in a shop or at a market
Turkish coffee pots can be bought in a shop or at a market

When visiting Turkey, Turkish coffee pots make for a great souvenir, reminding tourists of the country's rich cultural heritage. With its intricate patterns and traditional craftsmanship, it's a beautiful addition to any kitchen.

So, why not bring home a piece of Turkey to enjoy your delicious cups of Turkish coffee? The only thing left to learn is how to make Turkish coffee.

How do you make Turkish coffee

Want to make Turkish coffee at home? All you need is a Turkish coffee pot, finely ground coffee, cold water and sugar optional.

When making Turkish coffee, it's a tradition to serve it with a delightful foam on top.

Step-by-step instructions on how to make Turkish coffee:

  1. Mix all ingredients in a pot and heat over low heat.
  2. As your coffee nears boiling, carefully scoop some of the foam with a teaspoon into each cup.
  3. Place the coffee pot back on the stove and heat the coffee until it boils again.
  4. Pour about half of the coffee into the cups, carefully over the foam. 
  5. Put the remaining coffee back on the stove and boil it again.
  6. Pour the rest of the coffee into the cups, filling them to the brim.
Coffee brewed in a special traditional Turkish pot
Coffee brewed in a special traditional Turkish pot

Enjoy your perfectly brewed Turkish coffee with its signature foam on top!

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