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A private airport transfer is by sure the most convenient and fastest way to get from Istanbul Airport to your hotel. And under conditions of restrictions due to the pandemic, the transfer is also the safest, most reliable way. In this article, you will learn how easy and fast is to order and to pay for a group shuttle or individual transfer from the Airport to your hotel or vice versa, from the hotel to Istanbul Airport.

The easiest way to book a transfer from Istanbul Airports | Turkey | Travels

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How to book a private transfer (taxi) from the New Airport to your hotel in Istanbul

When you order a private transfer, you receive a car with a driver who will take you from the airport to your hotel in Istanbul. Such a transfer, in general, looks like an airport taxi, but it has some advantages:

  • the cost is fixed and cannot increase during the trip, unlike a regular taxi,
  • it is possible to pay for your transfer online and do not waste time for exchange or banking mashing (ATM) in the airport,
  • during the transfer order, you can add a child seat to ensure the safety of your little passengers.

The cost of an individual transfer starts from 29 Euro. The price depends on the size of the car and the distance from the airport to the hotel.

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I travel a lot and from my personal experience, I can share with you my personal experience. I usually check the prices and conditions of the transfer on two websites. Each of them has its advantages:

  • kiwi taxi - a user-friendly website and an extremely simple ordering process:
    1. in the "From" field, select "New Istanbul Airport (IST)" or "Sabiha Gokcen Istanbul Airport (SAW), and in the "To" field - the name of the district of Istanbul where the hotel is located,
    2. select the class and size of the car.
  • intui travel is a less convenient website, but prices are usually lower:
    1. in the "From" field select "Istanbul Havalimanı airport (IST)" or "Sabiha Gokcen Istanbul airport (SAW), and in the "To" field - the hotel name,
    2. select a specific car and driver (note, that you can read other travelers’ feedbacks about this car and drivers).

If you do not know which of the Istanbul airports you are flying to, the article All Istanbul Airports will help you.

How to book a transfer from a hotel to the Istanbul Airport

If you need a transfer from a hotel you act in the same way mentioned. The only difference is in the "From" field you need to enter the name of your hotel or city district, and the desired Istanbul Airport in the "Where" field.

How to book a shared transfer (shuttle) from Istanbul Airport to any hotel in the city center

Shared transfers (shuttle busses) is a 24-hour service that is suitable for those who prefer to travel alone. By ordering a shared transfer, the traveler gets a seat in a minibus that will take him and other passengers from Istanbul Airport (IST) to their hotels in the city center - to the Sultanahmet district, where the main city signs are concentrated.

Hotels in Sultanahmet district

A shared transfer is much more convenient than traveling by public transport and, if you are traveling alone, is cheaper than a private taxi.

If you wish to book a shared transfer from the New Airport to your hotel in the center of Istanbul, just pay for it on the website. The received transfer voucher has to be printed or saved on your phone.

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The shuttle bus from Istanbul Airport | An easy way to book a transfer from Istanbul Airport | Travels
The shuttle bus from Istanbul Airport

Where is the meeting point for passengers and the transfer driver in the airport

For those who ordered a transfer from the airport, a representative of the transfer company or a driver is waiting at the exit from the arrivals area, after the passport and the custom control.

The steps you should do from the airplane up to your transfer:

  • get off the plane and follow the "Passport Control" signs,
  • pass passport control,
  • receive baggage,
  • pass through the customs control,
  • exit to the arrivals area and meet with your transfer driver.
Transfer drivers are waiting for their passengers in the Istanbul Airport. | An easy way to book a transfer from Istanbul Airport | Travels with
Transfer drivers are waiting for their passengers in the Istanbul Airport.

At first glance, it is difficult to find a sign with your name or the name of a transport company in a crowd of people. But in reality, everything is simple. It is enough to show someone from the crowd your transfer voucher and they quickly find the person you need.

How the transfer from the airport looks like

A representative of the transport company or the driver himself will take you to the exit from the airport building and follow you to the car, you have ordered.

  • The driver of the private transfer will help you with the luggage and take you to your hotel, choosing the best route option.
  • The shared transfer runs on schedule (every 30 - 60 minutes), so those who ordered the group transfer sometimes need to wait for the next minibus to depart.

If you paid the entire cost of the transfer in advance, so you should not pay anymore, and doesn’t matter how long and what route the driver took. You can relax and enjoy Istanbul.

Upon arrival at the hotel, the transfer driver will help you with your luggage and wish you a good rest.

As you can see, everything is easy and simple - an only positive and great start for your vacation in Istanbul.

Have you booked your hotel already? If not an article for you - How to book a hotel in Turkey when the booking does not work.

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